Saturday, 30 June 2012

Gay People? Gay Marriage? Who gives a shit?

I think that Louis CK sums it up best.

The original video.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Things that make you go awwwww....

Saw this in my email, decided to stay with you all.











Some quotes from Daria (the Cartoon Character) for the Deluded in Singapore

I am not targeting anyone here.
I just find this is useful in deceiving times like this.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Masking Over Spilt Soup: My Experience with Febreeze

It was only a split second when my fingers turned to butter. It was that very second when I was holding a bowl of spicy fish soup over my lap.

"Thank God you didn't mess up the carpet," said my colleague and she laughed as she saw that giant wet patch on the left leg of my jean. Thankfully it was on my lap and not my groins. Otherwise the rest of the office would have mistaken that I pissed my pants silly. The shitty thing was it wasn't water. My jeans are stinking of fish.

Using a copious amount of tissue, I had to blot away excess soup. Proceeding to the washroom, I continued the blotting act with damp paper towels.

When that was done, I went over to my desk to find the chemical solution to get rid of the odour- a spray bottle of Febreeze. The last time I used Febreeze was my NS days. I used it on my uniforms, both clean and used, to rid of any strench. The purchase then was due to its high-budget television comercial. Lately, I came across Febreeze in the Power of Habit. In the book, it talked about the brief history of Febreeze and its rocky start despite how effective it was. Facing with a stinky room, I decided to get a bottle of Febreeze when it was on sale. That bottle is placed under my desk for those rare moments. Today was the day. 

The fresh scent immediately masked the smell of my stain. However I was waiting for my stain to dry up. There is a chemical in Febreeze that actually bonds with the stink molecules to make the latter odorless.  When the wet patch dried, the smell was gone.  After a day's work, I sniffed closely to the spot where the soup stain formerly was to only detect a very faint smell of the soup and a faint Febreeze stain.

Once again, Febreeze fixed my day. I think it is a good product for many people. Here are some possible uses.
1. For jean lovers who hates the idea of washing their jeans after each use, you can get rid of sweat smells with a mist shower of Febreeze.
2. The same goes for blazers or clothes that requires dry cleaning. You can save a few trips to the dry-cleaners depending on type of clothes and fabric.
3. Stinky sneakers. Useful for the sporty types.
4. Texture furnitures.
5. Carpets
6. Curtains
7. Car interiors
8. Military uniforms for the NS boys. It is more effective than the most expensive perfume on the market.

Finally this is the chart topper.
9. Siskkek is this affordable Korean BBQ located at Novena. The service there is very good. Its shitty point is the poor ventilation. You will end up smelling like you have walked out a Korean kitchen or bloody Pepper Lunch. The management there offer you free use of their bottle of Febreeze to rid the oily porky smell. 

Now that's customer service!

Soldier on people!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Scandal Causes City Harvest Church to be Deep in China Wine

This morning, my dad was ranting to me about what a cheat Pastor Kong Hee from CHC is to misappropriating funds for his wife's career.

For the record, Kong Hee, founder of the City Harvest Church, has just posted bail for half a million Singapore dollars. At this point in time, they are not found guilty yet. You can read more about this case here.

Nevertheless my dad cannot help but feel emotional about it due to his sister's children are followers of this church. I have never met them, hence there is little motivation for me to feel outraged. I am not a follower of the church and I never donate a single dime to this place. Hence I am not motivated to feel outraged.

To be truthful, I personally wish that they are really guilty. I knew people whom I truly dislike from that church telling me that being gay is wrong and criminalizing me for it. I cannot wait to learn of their reaction that 10% of their income might have contributed to this "great video".

These are the comments I am seeing.

Contrary to the comments, in full honesty, I am in love with this video. 

How can I not love this video when it never fails to crack me up each time I watch it? It is looks like some massive car crash except it reeks of scanty dressed women, cigarette smoke and booze. Then again, I may be wrong here.

Here are my highlights for the video:

1. At the beginning I always mishear Sun Ho yelling "Me want to see your lighter! Sing from the Hoo-Ha (aka Pussy)". Suddenly Sun Ho sounds like she has forgotten basic grammar and she is able to produce sounds from her private parts.

2. That funny retro hairdo! Loving that.

3. It is hilariously racist. In one part of the world at least, people must be thinking that Chinese people dance like that and speak Mandarin like that. In fact, they may even think we are not able to speak proper English, only in common clich├ęs.

4. I do hope some Japanese community is totally outraged that Sun Ho uses the stage-name of Geisha while dressing and dancing like that. 

5. I love the crazy dancing, not so much on the ending dialogue where we found out that Geisha the dancer sucks at both Mandarin and English.

China Wine is generally a fun video. It is not every Sunday where I get to see a middle-aged wife of a pastor shake her booty like that with an equally jiggly entourage. Then again I do not go to church. Hence I do not know what is the latest happenings.

Here is my take, if the congregation of CHC or Singaporeans need something to focus their anguish on, it should be for Sun Ho's following video "Kill Bill". It was a total snooze where we had Sun Ho faking a Jamaican accent and painting her face like an drugged-up amateur totally failed Drag Queen.

Call out to a fellow bloggie, Shiroi Ryuu, for blogging his take on the CHC Scandal for inspiring me to blog about this scandal despite being off tangent. China Wine!  China Wine!  China Wine!

Soldier On People!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bad Cycles Forming, New Routines Needed

In lieu of my new job role, I have realised that I have been staying up late to clear day to day work. The work is definitely manageable. This has caused me to ponder why this is happening. It doesn't make sense on why I am doing my reports at the wee hours of the morning.

I realized that I need to cultivate habits to make myself efficient. This is how I will do it.
I will send a reminder on my iPhone calendar to ping me to start on my report. That moment, all work will be secondary to this.

I will also need to plan some shortcuts on my emails to avoid distractions.

I will also need to reward myself to leave work on time. I will sign up for fitness classes with friends. If I am on time, I will get to work my body while socializing with my peers. If not, I will get punished by missing those classes and probably being jeered for being so unorganized.

Will update more on how this works.

New Space

As I approach into this white empty room, I grinned silly to myself and thought "This will be a lovely space".

Time to make some magic!